Those last things from Istanbul


We arrived at 10pm last night back in Istanbul.  All so excited to be back, and sad it is only for just one day…

So those last things from here….

1.  Health.
Some folk have asked how our health has been, assuming perhaps we will fall foul to some wierd disease from eating dodgy food…Sorry no  all been fine.  Except me in the last few days I developed what I thought was a stie (sty?) on the corner of my eye but it turns out to be a boil, just semantics perhaps, who really cares.
We are particularly familiar with boils in our family although this is my first one (and hopefully last).  So out with the tumeric, echinacea and hot cloths,  It first really needed attention on a dusty road to Troy, while bouncing along in a minibus.  Luckily I was in good company with Ollie and his extensive first aid supplies he always has on hand, Charlie who could offer real sympathy from first hand experience and advice and Hannah who not only held the mirror, but has inherited  my family’s enthusiasm  of dealing with puss filled cavities!
So I am starting to look more normal now, not so much like I have been in a fight down at the local…

2. Photo of our Kilim (sorry to keep you in suspense Lisa!)  We just got it out and it is (small and)  beautiful.  🙂


This hanging pocket thing is heavier than our kilim I think…

3.  As I said our budget is perfect.  Absolutely to the cent…make that the Lira, literally…
We were planning another visit to the Hammam (Turkish Bath) Hannah and I, but with my boil I don’t think that would be nice for other bathers, so it all works out perfectly.  And we did have a second Hamman experience down in Bodrum…

IMG_1687This one was dfferent, we got a face pack, peel and soap massage.  Our two attendants were young and lots of fun!

4. Yes we went to Troy.
Mainly to see the big wooden horse.  This was being renovated  so we couldn’t climb up  it.


There isn’t much there in terms of ruins – we were spoiled after Ephesus – and with time being of the essence we did a power visit.

There is another horse in Cannakale which is the one used in the film (with Brad Pitt).  We feel as though we have had  a taster at least of  Troy, amazing history, layers of it literally.



The “movie” horse in Cannakale.


Last Turkish apple tea -check,
ice cream- check,
bags packed (all except Ollie….)- check,
souvenirs bought with last Lira – check.

I felt quite sad visiting our friends and seeing their surprise and joy at seeing us again, then saying goodbye.  One young guy has just been diagnosed with diabetes (he works in the Turkish Delight shop…).

Such a buzz to have been here, we are truly blessed to have visited Turkey.



See ya Istanbul


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  1. I love your kilm and “hanging pocket thing”. Such lovely colours.

    I am so enjoying your posts that even I feel a little sad it’s your last day in Turkey … lol

  2. I think your kilim with pockets is a camel or donkey rug. We have one bought off a Bedouin lady in Amman, Jordan, replete with blue tattoos all over her face, so she was definitely the real thing 😉 and she said ours was a camel rug – the pockets hang either side of the animal’s back but yours looks a bit smaller and since it’s Turkey it’s more likely a donkey’s? We keep ours draped along a big white chair. We always get admiring comments 🙂

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