money matters


I know some people are intersted in money.
I tend to be very instinctive and not so exact.  I am also very good at manifesting money or making it stetch so it seems we have lots…

Anyway in case you are wanting to  travel in Turkey anytime soon here is an idea of what we have spent…

After a bit if research before we left I budgeted $4000 (NZ dollars sorry for those  in other places) for our month in Turkey.  The exchange has been about   0.67 for each NZ dollar while we have been here.  So 10 TL is about $6-7 NZ.

So effectively $1000 per week for the four of us – accomodation, transport, food  and entry into tourist attractions.

Now with just two days to go it is uncanny how close our budget has been..It was hard to tell a couple of weeks ago.

Accomodation is cheap.  Even with four of us.  We have always had a private four bed room , linen, towels, our own bathroom, air con, wifi, free breakfast and have paid on average of  $80 a night for this, sometimes as little a $50 a night for all of us!
Couch surfing was just two free nights.

Transport has all been on buses.  This is how the Turkish people travel so they are very comfortable, air con, individual TV screens like a plane (Charlie has watched hours of cartoons dubbed in Turkisk!!)   There is always at least one guy working on the bus and they offer free drinks and snacks.


Hannah’s favourite here has been peach juice.

Prices seem to be similar whether the trip is a few hours or overnight. We have paid around $20-$30 each per trip.  Charlie getting a small dicount.
When travelling locally the Dolmus’ are usually just a few lira each, so we may pay $7 for all of us to hop on.

Tourist attractions have never been more than  25 lira to get into.  That is less that $17 each.  Charlie has always been free and sometimes Ollie too.

Food, glorious food.  We all like to eat and I thought this is where we would break the budget, but it seems not.  We have eaten out alot as it is hard to  find a place with a kitchen and really the food is so good and so cheap why bother cooking…?


We have usually had a free breakfast and that means “eat up everyone…”
We have eaten well, fruit is plentiful and cheap – cherries, apricots, strawberries,  oranges, watermelon, cucumber tomatoes…. When we have a picnic I would spend around $7-$9 NZ  and we would feast, with snacks left over.  We haven’t skimped, if someone is hot  or thirsty then it is ice creams or freshly squeezed juice…
Eating out we have been paying  $2-$10 for a main meal.  There is always as much bread as  you can eat (a loaf costs less than .30c). The meals may be a pancake – filled with spinach, cheese and  potato -$3, a casserole of eggplant, tomatoes, veges, served with salad, rice, yogurt, bread – $8.
Here we have found a really good place where you get a plate for 10 lira (less than $7) and you can choose from a multitude of yummy dishes, we seem to be able to fit on 4 selections plus rice.
Water – we have drank bottled water here, like everyone including the locals. Mostly you can get a large bottle for 1-2 lira (about $1)
The Turkish people drink Cay – strong black tea served with sugar lumps – much to Charlie’s delight!  Cay is 1 TL and you can usually get apple tea too for the same (less than .70 c).
I have carried herbal tea bags around and got hot water when I can or had apple tea….
We have posted a parcel home, souvenirs, presents, 3 pairs of gorgeous turkish trousers…..
We have our Kilim which we have been advised to carry with us and post in Europe.

And tomorrow in Istanbul  on our last day we will spent up our last lira on apple tea to take with us, Turkish delight, little gifts and no doubt a slap up dinner somwhere to celebrate such a wonderful trip!

I believe in abundance and being here I certainly feel abundant! Maybe I can even squeeze in some more  of those trousers….


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  1. Do you know that I always wonder how much “extra” etc cost in case we get to do similar one day and it’s great that you gave us an idea of what your expenses were. Thanks so much.

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