Couch surfing…


We are staying with our first couch surfing host!

It is perfect.  Just like being at home.  Couch surfing seems like the most natural way to travel and being here in Selcuk, with Mehmet and his son Emre is just the best way to start our couch surfing experience.  They have opened up their home to us and we feel as though it is our own.
What  a treat to use a washing machine!
To be able to make a cup of tea, pick plums, cook a meal ourselves….

Saying that Mehmet and his brother Alibaba own a resturant, a top ranking one at that (on Trip Advisor).  It is, unsuprisingly called Mehmet and Alibaba Kebab House, but don’t be fooled by the name.
The food they serve up is delicious and the atmosphere just wonderful.  You can sit out under the trees, and recieve complimentary teas, information, travel advice and general chit chat all  in excellent English.



Mehmet serving up a yummy lunch – we ate at his resturant when we didn’t cook at his home.


Mehmet is so friendly, so sincere and so welcoming in everyway.


Emre has just finished school and has two exams left, he was lovely with the boys….even indulged in some good old “rough’n’tumble” with them!



Their home was ours.  They gave us a key and left us to it.  Only a few minutes walk to the resturant.

This has been such a positive introduction to Couch Surfing and  just reinforces what I believe –
…That the world is full of good people just waiting to meet you

….That as a race we have more in common with each other and should focus on those commonalities , not our differences.

….That strangers really are just friends we haven’t met yet.

Thanks to Mehmet and Emre.


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  1. There’s Mehmet! The conversation we had with him at the restaurant was probably the best we had with any local. How awesome that he opened his home to you and your family. I’m going to talk about him in my next blog post about Selcuk and Ephesus. We didn’t get a picture with him but I remember his kind face 🙂

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