Beautiful Bodrum


I like Bodrum.

I love the natural harbour, the bustling waterfront, the full-on tourist infrastructure, the ruins nestled in the city and mostly the beauty of the blue, blue sea.
I can see how it would be pumping with tourists in July and August.  We are staying right by the famous Halikarnas nightclub – sort of like a modern temple to hedonism.


I think on our last night here it opened for the season. There was fireworks, lazer lights crossing the sky and a pumping beat filling the bay.
No we didn’t go out dancing, not at $50 nz  entry…still we have found a few other things to do here….

It is certainly a very picturesque place.  A huge natural harbour with a medieval castle bang smack in the middle of the bay/town centre.


The hillsides covered in white chocolate box houses.


Apart from yachts, the Gulet (traditional wooden boat) is what Bodrum is famous for and no stay is complete without a boat trip of some description.


So off we went!  Our Gulet had a large open top with a padded layer and cushions all around to laze on!  Would be perfect for a big sleepover with friends.


As soon as we left the dock the music went ON….and it was loud!  Up on the top deck it was incredibly loud, the boys couldn’t stand it and I could only cope with small doses.  Talk about fun, fun, fun!!


The boat trip included four stops to swim, lunch and afternoon tea.
Hannah and I swimming off the boat in such clear water.



Ollie perched on the bow – a good place to escape the music!



It was a one big party on the boat….at one stage everyone was up dancing!


One stop was at Camel Beach….I was wondering why it was called this when I noticed a couple of camels….We gave them a miss this time and opted for ice cream and a swim.




The sunset view from our balcony with the the sweep of the main drag on the right.  I feel a though I have made good choices in regards to where we stay.  Right in the thick of things is good, where we can pop in and out easily.  In seconds we were at the beach, or walking along the main strip of resturants to the town centre.


The medieval castle – Castle of the Knights of St John – is also home to Bodrum’s Underwater Archeological Museum.  Many fascinating relics recovered from the innumerable shipwrecks in the area are to be found here.


Two thousand year old coins and what sort of bang you got for you buck back then.
Apparently a teacher  had to save  all their salary for 3 years to be able to buy a house…mmm some things never change.


The setting is spectacular for a castle and  seemingly easy to defend…?



Lots of rescued treasures like this room of amphoras – from different eras and wrecks.

I feel glad to have been in Bodrum – the party capital – when the high season has not quite started yet.  We could have done with a few more days maybe, but our time is Turkey is drawing to a close and we still have a few places to see…


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