Another World Heritage Site…another day!


A magical moment   25 years ago in Pamukkale was a huge catalyst  for returning to Turkey.  After a sunset walk and paddle up on Turkey’s equivalent of NZ’s pink and white terraces I vowed to bring my kids here one day.

Of course you cannot recreate the past, all things change.
Being at Pamukkale this week was totally different in many ways, mostly because I am different now.  Older, wiser, more confident and with my three children as travel companions…
The site is less acessible than it was in 1988, you have to pay to go up on to the Travertines, and there is a large Roman town there (in ruins) to explore – I think I totally missed that last time!

Still the place is stunning, especially as we waited until late afternoon to go up, then watched the sun set as we wandered down under the very nearly full moon….

Pamukkale means “Cotton Castle”, the calcium carbonate deposits have formed magical looking terraces which thermal waters cascade down…



The waters here were pretty cool…in both ways.



Ollie and errr….Oleander (grows everywhere and looks gorgeous even though it is poisonous).


Hierapolis on the top of the Travertines sports some pretty impressive ruins still.  Even though hotels were built over top of them last century (!!), then demolished in 1988 when it became a World Heritage Site.



Nothing like walking down a 2000 year old road to put things in perspective!  There are many things we can do in NZ, but this is just not one of them.



This is very close to the classic sunset-on-the-travertines photo I have from 25 years ago…



On my list of things to get around to learning one day is how to take good night photos, especially of the moon.  Still this isn’t too bad.  It was ghostly and mystical as well as warm,  still and slighty surreal.

I feel as though that was a big tick off my bucket list, even if it wasn’t our favourite place in Turkey, it has been a special place in my mind for so long.


By the way here is where we stayed…fruit trees everywhere with freshly picked kumquats for breakfast – yum!



The swimming pool had it’s own wildlife, so much so we used the next doors pool (that hotel was owned by our owner’s sister).


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