A tribute


I doubt this news even reached the ears of most in the west…maybe a tiny paragraph somewhere.  But yesterday there was a hot air balloon accident in Goreme.
Each morning up to 100 hot air balloons (more in the summer) take to the skies at sunrise, quite a sight as this is one of the world’s prime ballooning locations.
Someone here also remarked it is an accident waiting to happen…It is not the first time.  (There was one in 2009 too)
Three people dead is the lastest I have hear and 20 people injured.
When I first heard about it I was sitting by the pool…(this is the stunning view we have been living with!)


Someone at breakfast had said there had been ambulances.  Then an Australian guy came out with his ipad and told us.
I thought maybe their bags were packed, sitting somewhere still, not to be used again.
I lay back  cloud gazing and at that moment the call to prayer started up. It seemed  a poignant moment the wailing was plaintive and sad, but somehow soothing too.  I took a moment or two to send on my love to the tourists whose wonderful trip ended here and to their families.

So here is a tribute to them, some images that they too may have looked upon  in their last days, a reminder to us all to look around us and live fully as you never know when this will be your last day.


A tribute to the beauty of Goreme too.


Looks like a film set.

Little balconies tucked away everywhere…


Easy to become quite used to the unusual rocks everywhere.


Dye pots lined up outside a weaving shop, with the natural ingredients next to each colour.


The large round metal thing is the famous pancake cooker!
A beautiful courtyard resturant we returned to have lunch in – yes pancakes.



Goodbye Goreme…..with our thoughts and love.


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  1. You are correct–I never heard of this accident here in the U.S. Very sad. We visited Goreme in December and weren’t interested in a balloon ride but met some travelers from Malaysia who got up super early every morning to try–unfortunately for them the weather conditions were never right during their visit.

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