Muslim does not equal terrosist!


Yesterday I met a lovely Turksih woman – Nilufer and her 10 year old son Bugra.

She was working in a little shop, one she had gifted to her brother a few years ago. We started talking (her English is excellent) and within ten minutes we were laughing and even crying as we shared some of our stories. With hugs and kisses we left her with an invite to visit her home the next day.

So today we have been to Urgup on a bus, then a friend of Nilufers picked us up in his taxi and took us to her place.  Quite a new apartment, with much beautiful art work  as this is her passion – art.

The boys and Bugra played and played, with no language in common.  He is soccer mad so they went downstairs and played soccer on and off all day.  They listened to music and became friends on Facebook.
We had a cup of tea, some yummy cake made specially, then as the day went on and we realised how happy everyone was and we ended up staying on until the 6pm.

Nilufer made us a gorgeous lunch about 3pm.  All day the two of us sat on her balcony and passed the day in the perfect way, tea, cake and great conversation with a lovely friend.  As Ollie said it was a treat to be in a home for the day and have a break from being a tourist.

We both shared so much about our lives, our families, children, politics, religion.  It was such a top-me-up to have a woman to chat to on such a level.

Tears, hugs, laughter….and more cups of tea.


We discovered that “Gangnam Style” was a great  bridge, no language needed!


The  boys had heaps of laughs




Nilufer said she was sad that people in New Zealand thought Turkey was a dangerous place.  I told her many friends had warned me to be careful, as the Taleban in Afganistan had tarred all Muslims in the eyes of many in the west.

In fact I find the Turkish people to be very accepting of others, very caring, and exceptional hosts to travellers in their country.
Even us ultra-friendly Kiwis could learn a thing or two  here I think.

Thanks to Nilufer and to Bogra for a wonderful day.  🙂


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  1. I’m from Brazil and I had the great pleasure of meeting Nilüfer last year during my vacation in Turkey. After a few minutes of conversation and a cup of tea I realized we looked like old friends talking about our lives.

    She is kind, very smart, funny, updated and also an excellent cook… I always remember the delicious dinner she has served us in the store with the walls covered with paintings. The most amazing day of all my vacation in Turkey.

    I’m glad to hear that other people can share a meal or a conversation with this special woman.

    • Wow! Yes Nifuler certainly has hundreds of friends from around the world – no surprises there.
      She is the best ambassador for Turkey I thnk!

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