Everyone has a story


Twice while in Goreme  I have been pleased  to  meet a woman with very good English working  in a shop.  When I have started chatting to them it turns out they are Iranian  refugees.  Both were gorgeous, young and vivacious and hoping to arrive eventually in another western country (Canada or Australia).

One woman was threatened by their local Mullah as she and her family are of the Baha’i faith, not Muslim.  Because she didn’t hide this fact she had to leave Iran.
She has a job and place to live here in Turkey and says how peaceful and non-judgemental the Turkish  people are.

An amazing story, and there are plenty of Iranian refugees here.  Her family  is still in Iran, but is also now experiencing trouble she said.
With both of them  I was struck by their positive attitudes and the gratitude they expressed to be here and on their way to a life of freedom.

My, how lucky we are in New Zealand and how much we take for granted…


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  1. In Selcuk, we met an Iranian woman staying at the same hotel who had moved to California decades ago as a teenager but was now looking to relocate to Turkey. She said it was her third trip back to Selcuk in trying to scout out a place to live and way to make a living. She said she loved the city and the friendly Turkish people.

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