Our night time picnic turned adventure…


Dinner tonight on a cliff top overlooking the town of Goreme, admist fruit trees, views forever….aaahhhh.

Perfect.  We sat and ate and as the sun set  we could see the waxing moon high above the magical fairy chimneys.


Upon packing up we thought we would head the other way across the cliffs and find a way down to the town.


Dusk falling over Goreme…

We came upon a  path that a German couple were struggling up.  They said it was more climbing than walking.  Huh, we were intrepid Kiwis a little climbing never hurt us!

So down we went and very quickly the path became just the soft crumbly rock  which all the area comprises of.  Soon we were on bottoms and sliding on the soles of our  (sturdy) sandals.  It was getting more and more precarious. As we came to the bottom of the hardest bit we found ourselves on a rooftop!  Nothing doing – we had to get back up.  Luckily Ollie hadn’t come down this bit yet and quickly unravelled some paracord and we heaved each other up.

It was getting darker and darker (lovely moon though…) instead of going all the way back up we had come we saw a side path heading steeply  down and around.  Ollie did a recce and called us down , slipping on our bums and feet we made it to the very last  bit which was a vertical drop of about two metres!



He made it down, then we all jumped, clamboured and slipped down , no broken bones!  We all felt like this was a grand adventure.

Dusty and exhilarated we sat under the moon in our courtyard with apple tea and nutella sandwiches for supper to celebrate.


The boys washing their dusty feet in the pool.


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  1. Oh my goodness, with my fear of heights I would NOT have handled that well! Quite the brave adventurers you all are! I loved hiking outside of Goreme. So much beauty to experience.

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