Our (accidental) camel ride


Yeah I know, how exactly  does one accidentally slip onto a camel?
Well in Turkey these things happen….

Firstly we saw them and were pretty excited so started off towards them.  As I got my camera out the men with them beckoned us forward

-Yes, a photo
-Yes please, come here,

We were thinking how cool, us patting a camel. One guy said he would take a photo as he lifted Charlie on to a camel, Ollie up behind him, I was swiftly hustled onto one which instantly got up (whoa!).  The third camel got up at the same time, but a ladder appeared and Hannah too found herself on a camel!

This all took only 30 seconds!
Very smooth.  We were laughing so hard we didn’t have time to do much but hang on and smile for the camera…..





Of course once we were off the camels we did spot a tiny hand drawn sign with a price for photos and a camel ride….Extremely inflated prices at that!  I just refused to pay the ridiulous amount for something we barely had to time realise was happening, let alone decide if we wanted to pay for it!

So we ended up paying about $4 NZD each….and that in my limited camel riding experience is a bargain!


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