Side (see-day)part two…


so where was I…? Ah yes, Roman ruins, warm sea and great food….



There is a massive ampitheatre in old Side town.




Haze and Charlie acting as statues on a plinth…



The pancake lady!   It is a bread dough rolled very thin, then filled with cheese, spinach and potato….






Then it is cooked on a gas fired hot plate, Extremely yummy.



We visited the “Grosse Wasserfall” near Manavgat which was  beautiful.  So lovely to be around fresh water and bush too.


An amazing mandala made out of spices spotted in a shop in Side.



Me and Haze on the beach deliberately doing what is fondly known in our family as “The Henley Pose”.


Poor Athene, not only  having to stand amongst plastic sun loungers, but having a pair of glasses to gaze through….


Ollie (Dave and Haze behind) in the pool just over the balcony.

Hannah with her lunch being delivered to her while lazing  on the beach.
It is quite scary how much she enjoyed this lifestyle and could get well used to it!

One of the Beach Boys (not the 60’s band) who delivered her lunch offered to buy her for 5 camels.  When I started to negotiate in chocolate (I suggested  a 2 years supply would be fair) he backed off quickly however.

I just thought camels would be too hard to travel with….if anything we would adopt several kittens and take them with us –



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