Grand Canyon meets the moon.







Welcome to Cappadocia!


Our hotel (Nirvana Cave Hotel) as viewed from above, with swimming pool, our room is right in the centre of photo behind the tree.


Please check out Cappadocia online somewhere.
Find some images to oogle at…
Then add it to the intinerary of your next world trip….

This place is truly out of this world.
We arrived on the night bus at 6.30am and where greeted with a valley full, and I mean full of hot air balloons taking off. Quite a spectacle, there must have been 100.  This is quite the thing to do here in Goreme, the dinky little town we are staying in for 6 days now.



Houses, churches, hotels all carved out of rock.


Huge valleys, full of very unique rock formations.

Very surreal place to be.
Last time I stayed here (25 years ago) I had the flu and stayed in bed lots reading “The Bourne Supremacy” (that was the one book we carried and shared).

There will be more photos and more information coming.
I just wanted to share a taster of this wild, strange and  beautiful place.


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  1. Its great reading this you are transporting me from my dingy, windowless office on an amazing journey. Looks amazing!!!!!!!

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