A little bit on the Side


Actually that is misleading, it isn’t pronounced side, but See-day.
And we are experiencing alot not just  a little…

It is so wonderful to be in Side (about an hour east of Antalya) a gorgeous little place literally littered with Roman ruins, the Mediterranean just at the end of the road and best of all….family!

We are staying with my Auntie Hazel and Uncle Dave in their apartment in Side.  How fantastic to have family.  To be welcomed and looked after, to share jokes (in full english, no sign language) and even a game of scrabble!

A big part of this trip is to spend time with our extended family, so  this is a real treat to have a taster of things to come in England next month.

It is pretty rural around here, not only the sea but the mountain provide a welcome backdrop.  I have even seen a herd of sheep, with their shepherd wandering around on my morning walks.  You can almost imagine being over in the Wairarapa and looking towards the Tararua range….


The Mediterranean is super warm.  So clear, so beautiful.  The first morning I swam at 7am as I couldn’t wait, it was like a bath. Yesterday we swam in wild churned up water with  big waves, the residue of  a massive storm during the night .  Never have I heard such long thunder rolls.


Our first swim in calm, warm, clear waters.


Ollie and Dave braving the turbulent post-storm sea


Welcome to the beach …European style!
Rows of sun loungers are outside  beach cafes, with sevice to your chair.
Charlie acted as per normal and spent hours building defences against the Med, not too hard as there is very little tide here.


This is “our” beach as seen from old Side town , takes a 20 minute wander along in the sea to get there.


Then we had lunch hanging over the Med…


The old town was once a bustlng Roman town – one of the most striking ruins being a temple of Apollo by the harbour.IMG_1277

Roman ruins are many.  Not only large ones like this Agora here, but the grass is littered with columns, beautifully carved marble slabs and smaller pieces.

This concludes Side – part one.
Watch this space when the internet is stronger…:)


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  1. Your trip is reminding me an awful lot of my trip to Israel 2 years ago. I too had a lovely swim in The Mediteranean Sea, lots of ruins, churches, mosks, people and oh yes the food. We just Google Earthed Side to see exactly where you aree. Then sat back and decided the world is actually pretty amazing really!!!

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