Girls night out


Not technically correct as it was afternoon, but Hannah and  I had a date yesterday and treated ourselves to a Hamman, a traditional Turkish bath.  They say there are two top experiences in Turkey – one the whole carpet buying thing (tick…minus the carpet sadly) and one visiting a Hamman. 

The one we went to was built  in 1584!!

We opted for the self service, but have seen what happens and next time we are both keen for  the full treatment!

You get given a bikini bottom, a locker key and a cloth like a sarong.  It is a fantastic atmosphere, women sitting around  with face packs on,or waiting for a massage, there are drinks available too.  Then you go through to the Hamman itself, it was like a sauna, very hot and humid.  There is a large, hot marble platform where you start off.  This is to sweat.  The room was round with (of course) a domed roof high above.  The roof had dozens of small sky lights and star motifs which was very relaxing to gaze at.  The Hamman is bustling with activity.  There are attendants working (in black bikinis) around the edges, for those not doing the self service, they call you to the edge, spread your sarong out and give you a vigourous and extremely bubbly rub down all over with loofah gloves!  It looked amazing and was really needed (next time!)

All around the room  are marble basins, with silver dipping bowls, so after the sweat (15-20 mins) you have a good wash and scrub, then you go through to to hot pools…which, although they were 38 degrees, felt quite nicely cool because the air was so humid.

The contrast from the streets outside where many woman are well covered up, many choosing to cover their heads still, to the Hamman where everyone is in a bikini bottom only is quite striking.  

A fabulous atmosphere.  And  of course you feel great after a wallow in the pools.  Then the nicest thing is a huge, fluffy and HOT towel (pink) when you finish…luxury!

No photos sorry…:)

You will just have to take my word on this one.


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    • HI Shannon, wow thanks for all your comments! Oh the Turkish baths were so great! And full of tourists mostly, well in Istanbul anyway, We all got really into exfoliating and still are, the boys take a scubbing, glove thing into the shower. I even still have tins of Turkish soap and the smell transports me straight back to the steamy Hamman…mmmmm

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