Couple more ticks….


It is hard to imagine how the Romans and the Ottomans did it. Such feats of engineering, such huge monuments, they are impressive by todays standards, but 1500 years ago…?

The Yerebatan Cistern was built then as a huge underground water cistern.  It has over 300 marble pillars and is this cavernous place, dark and dripping.  Carp swim in the water below wooden walkways that carry tourists down to the famous statues of Medusa….



The  uplighting on the columns creates an eerie atmosphere…




There are two statues of Medusa this one famously upside down, now believed to have been purposely built like this, but no-one is sure why!

I came away with questions….Did the Romans have to dig out the area the Cistern is in?  Where did the water come from? An underground spring?  And was it full to the top back in the day?

Another Istanbul icon is “The (world famous)Pudding Shop.”
We went to dinner last night..(.oh and pudding.)  This was opened back in 1957 by two brothers when there was nothing for tourists.  This place quickly became the hub for travellers.  The place to meet and the place to leave messages and requests for rides.  There are photos of a large noticeboard offering rides across Asia or Europe.  This place was the equivalent of facebook today.



Yes the chocolate pudding was divine..

Mind you the stuffed aubergine and zucchini were delicious too…




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