Food, food and more food


If you ever feel as though you need to build yourself up or just need to over-indulge in a big way then I can heartedly recommend Istanbul.

The only downside to eating in Turkey so far seems to be the lack of space in my rapidly increasing stomach and having enough hours in the day….and this is just the vegetarian food.
Our day starts with a breakfast buffet  (free) this is a mix of Turkish and European – cereal, milk, muesli, yogurt, piles of french toast, hard boiled eggs, olives, bread and spreads.  I can’t believe the huge breakfasts the kids are devouring each morning…and we are usually there at the beginning.  We take our own packet of apple tea for which we have all developed a taste for, my green tea bags are languishing unused at the bottom of my pack .

We are very impressed with the civilised hours that are kept here.  Nothing too early in the morning!  Breakfast from 8-10.30am.  Ollie especiallly was very pleased to hear this, although because of the time difference , we are up early and fast asleep well before it is dark.

From there the day is just one culinary delight after another….bags of pistacchios, roasted corn on the cob, roasted chickpeas,bread sellers by the dozen with simits – rings of seasame seed covered bread, sometimes with chocolate spread inside.



In the mornings the simit sellers have little wagons they sell off, Charlie couldn’t wait for breakfast our first morning!


Hannah tries a chocolate filled one (was Nutella!)



As the day goes on and the number lessen sellers take to the street with simits piled on their heads…

Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, orange juice and by the afternoon huge watermelons which make me wonder about the climate down south as it is only spring here still.


Five Turkish Lira is about $3 nz


That wonderful lentil soup – mercimek corbasi – that transported me back 25 years  – like I make at home but so different, minty?

The meze plate, the ultimate vegos dish!  So much wonderful bread, cheeses, pizzas with pide bread, feta and olives on everything, the most amazing casserole full of eggplant, mushrooms, beans & tomatoes that “our” hostel resturant produced last night…

Then we went to the Spice market yesterday and met with our old friend Lokum…turkish delght!  I would never eat this at home,  but here stuffed with pistacchios, rolled in dried pomegranate, flavoured robustly with rose….quite a different product altogether.


If we had a kitchen I would have bought some just to go and cook with …no, just kidding, who in their right mind would cook for themselves in Istanbul??!!


Great rolls of lokum, so many flavours…. so little time….



Or if you prefer…the slab!  Now that is the way to buy it.

We came, we looked, we bought, we much so we couldn’t even look at the baklava.

But I think that today is a new day and thank goodness for that.



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  1. Sounds lovely, the hostel sounds like a real treat and the spice market looks very interesting. Glad it’s going well.

  2. Have you tried another typical Middle Eastern dish yet, Foul (made with beans and garlic)? Popular for breakfast. Not sure if they have it in Turkey, maybe only Arabic? It is sooo yummy and healthy and since they have mezze, thought they might have Foul 🙂

  3. I was so delightfully surprised by the food in Turkey. I’m plagued by stomach issues and didn’t have one single problem like I usually have at home in the U.S. the whole time we were there, despite the warnings not to drink the water. I love Turkish food! I think it’s now my favorite–but hard to come by in Indiana. We bought a cookbook while there and I’ve successfully made a few dishes but they don’t have the “special something” we found there.

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