Our trip NZ to Turkey


The exciting day did finally arrive and there we were driving to Auckland airport.  You know how you say “make sure we leave plenty of time in case there are traffic jams or we get a flat tyre….?”  Well we did.  The classic flat tyre on the way to the airport!



(Hannah was keen to change it, nothing like a quick lesson…)

Not only that but when Wayne had dropped us off and returned to the car he had another one! (different tyre).

Very strange indeed.




Oh so real now!


We have each got a pretty small pack – 30 litres, Charlie’s is 22 litres. They weigh about 10 kgs each.  Then a day pack that can be packed away into the big packs.   Plus the banjolele….

We had three long flights via Melbourne and then Abu Dhabi.  The kids were in heaven with beautiful food and drink being delivered constantly.  Is a very good idea to be a vegetarian as we got served way before everyone else.  🙂

At the risk of endorsing a particular airline Etihad (UAE) were fantastic!  I think it was the little free bag of tooothbrush, eyemask etc that swayed us, plus the mango ice blocks in the middle of the night. (We are easily pleased).

I felt as though we were being transported into the middle of the world, right  into the swirl of thousands of other travellers from all over the globe.  Met people from Montenegro (when does that ever happen??) and a lady going to the Seychelles.

Arriving in Istanbul was so exciting, after a 25 year gap, when we came by train via Greece… I laughed we we emerged into the airport to be met by a sea of hundreds  of name signs, but my very English name stood out and we were whisked away to our hostel….


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  1. No way! Abu Dhabi! If only I’d been reading your blog before. We live in Dubai (down the road) and I would have loved to meet you here! I would have loved to show you guys the sights! The UAE is a surreal place. It would have been interesting to juxtapose it with the other more ‘real’ places you’re visiting 🙂 I would ADORE a month in Istanbul so can’t wait to read on and hear all about it now!

    • Yes Abu Dhabi felt a bit surreal…I did think of you, wasn’t sure how close Dubai really is but then we only had a few hours at the airport anyway….Turkey has been fabulous, we were very sad to leave it for many reasons. I am sure you would love Istanbul, plenty of history, food and things to do…a month would be fab!!
      Thanks for your comments. And good luck with you ultra hot summer indoors…. J

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