This is it…


We are teetering on the brink of our big adventure….
You know how you think about and visualise a certain day or event for weeks (or months…or years….)? And then one day it suddenly arrives and it is just another day, no fanfare.
Except for the  excitement in your stomach.

We have had an amazing week of farewells, I feel totally cosseted with love and fond sentiments from friends.  Beautiful gifts have been given to me.  Tiny special things to take on our journey, prayers, a massage (tonight), a last meal cooked for us.  Beautiful words of wisdom and love in cards, emails, hugs have been flowing in.
I am so blessed.

In amongst this Charlie and I  have done four storytelling “gigs”.  These have been fantastic fun.  We both really buzz on performing .



We do stories with live original music – Charlie on his Banjolele.
Interactive songs for everyone to join in with.



We played at 4 branch (smaller) libraries, to great groups of kids who just loved coming up and acting in the stories.

Our folk band, Gallimaufry played our first Ceildh on Saturday at a friends 60th.  I called the dances which was so much fun!

It was a lovely change over time as a friend is taking my place as fiddler while we are away.  It was a good farewell to be playing together  on stage.

So we are packed, Charlie and Henry had their last sleepover last night and the lounge is one big hut made from mattresses as all the other toys are packed away.



Here they are last night sleeping in the mattress hut….

I will be travel-blogging.
I will be world schooling.
Mostly I will be having fun….

See ya in Turkey!   xxxx


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