I feel as though I have been on a de-cluttering mission for a couple of years now.  If it is not beautiful to look at or I haven’t used it for 6 months/one year…then out it goes!

Very interesting process and great for letting  go.

Now we are packing up, the kids are packing up their rooms (in case Wayne can get a boarder in…) and it is a good time to be doing it.  It feels as though when we return we will be different.  New phases will be entered, old ones no longer relevant.   Childhood toys not needed, unused birthday presents moved on, new posters on the walls….This physical clearing is a good symbolic gesture which says…”Change? Bring it on!”

Change is good.  I love change.  I love the new.  Life is no static entity. We are born to be dynamic, to grow and change like the planet does and  like the whole universe does.  If we stagnate  we die.  If not physically then emotionally or spiritually.

“Apples and kingdoms ripen and fall and nothing matters, nothing at all”

So back to ‘stuff’.  I am really impressed that all three children have said to me this week how they are looking forward to living out of a small pack, having a simple life with less stuff.  Charlie was even reading about the stone age the other day and said how great it sounded and how he would like to live more that that!!  I totally get what he means.

Charlie collects bones, corks, stones, small tins, souvenir spoons, teddies and has a small empire of Star Wars Lego.  Yet he will happily travel and live without all that (although he says he will be collecting stamps and spoons on our travels….).  I know he will make do with what  there is at the time.

Ollie has the contents of a not-so-small survival/outdoor shop in his room, plus now his prepping so we are talking about 6 months supply of food, water, medical and toiletry items….

Hannah’s room is like a museum.  Her walls are covered complety with interesting bits and pieces, she has collections of hats, scares, belts, bags, two huge book cases full of books…..

Yet she is excited about the idea of packing it all up.  I love that.
I feel so grateful that the kids are embracing this adventure and have the understanding that stuff is just that…stuff, nothing really important.

I know full well that the second we step on the plane all  the things we have left behind will seem unimportant, none of us will be hankering after any stuff we didn’t bring.

Wayne did mumble something about getting a skip bin in while we are away…


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  1. Bless their cotton socks! I live with a hoarder who has passed it on to our eldest. It’s drives me crazy, she wants to keep everything and anything that she has ever made or been given. Granted she does look after her stuff well but still … so painful. Last de-clutter we came to an agreement that she would not put anything else into her room until she threw something out. She now has some boxes to keep her treasures (papers, etc) and once they are full she must remove stuff before she can put more in them. It was totally getting scary to me the way she was clinging on to stuff, she was in tears trying to work out what to part with. Saying that if there’s a small child visiting she will happily give them a toy from her room if they seem to like it (and if she’s not really sentimentally attached).

  2. Great…we used to hire a skip evry year and out it went, we needed 2 skips before we came here last time, and we could do with one here.. I agree with the plane bit..the second you get on it the adventure starts…are u going to blog reed emails on your trip?

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