Two weeks ’til Turkey


We have only two  weeks to go until our BIG trip.

It is so very exciting and all consuming it has been hard to write of anything else…

Yesterday we picked up a stash of newly minted Turkish Lira – brand spanking new.  As Ollie said we will look like rich tourists if we flash that around so will have to rough them up a bit!

There are so many Kiwis who have travelled in Turkey.  I have firmly divided people into two camps – those who have been before and those who have not. The latter frown slightly when I tell them we are off to Turkey for a month, then instantly say “be careful!’ then
” isn’t there a war on there?” and then
“a month, with kids….??!”

Those  whohave been smile widely and sigh, along with me,  “only a month…?”
“are you going to….?” yes!
“what about…” Oh definately yes!
Then I get the best ever travel stories, mostly revolving around Turkish delight, baklava and the warmth and kindness of the Turkish people.

Mmmmm only a month…oh  yes a month!

So everything is being packed & repacked, loads lightened, then added to.
Some friends who are over in Europe just emailed to say they have three changes of clothes each and that is too much!
Half your clothes, double your money…I know, Iknow…..

We are taking a Banjo-ukulele though….

We are hitting the send-off period now which consists of the following…

1 “lazer tag” session for boys and friends
1 cousin staying for a week
1 early morning (ANZAC day) march  – Scouts and Cubs
4 Storytelling sessions at local libraries – Charlie and I
1 Celidh our band is playing for – me calling dances for the first time…
1 Harvest  festival with homeschool friends
1 Girls night in/bon voyage party for me and my friends
1 garden needing quite a bit of pre winter work…
1 leg wax (that is me, not the kids)
1 4 and a half month trip with three kids to pack for…..

Yep I think that just about covers it!
I have novels to read when it gets too much and need to remember there another world out there, just waiting for us.

Which is the whole point I guess.


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