How I am staying healthy


I knew it would be potentially stressful  at this time leading up to a big adventure. Nothing worse than rushing around to get away on hoilday then getting sick when you stop. Been there, done that.
My biggest thing is that  I get so excited and my mind goes crazy at  night thinking of booking numbers and which tee-shirt I should pack,  etc, then I am tired and can get run down…

So when there is anyone sick around me or I feel slightly under the weather at all  I take echinacea.  This is wonderful stuff.  I get ours at The Herb Farm which is a lovely 30 minute walk  away so doubly good for me. –

Then I try to be taking a super food of some sort.  Especially a change of season, big things happening etc….So I am having bee pollen.  This is just in little granules and I sprinkle on or mix it in with my breakfast.  This is amazing stuff too.  I certainly feel as though I am taking some energy enhancing drug.   It makes me feel as though I could do anything. leap buildings with a single bound, lift cars,  take off travelling with my kids…..

I like the idea of taking one superfood at a time, having  a break, trying  another…but exceptional circumstances call for  upping the energy levels so I am having spirulina everyday too! (in a smoothie)

I am also doing a herbal body cleanse. (Is this sending my body mixed messages??)

I have some anti germ oil –  a blend of essential oils from The Herb Farm, which smell divine.  This is good for breathing in on planes to counteract all the germs in the re-used air.

The latest advice for jet lag is to take massive doses of Vit C so I have two large jars of that for us to munch on during our flight.

Deep breathing.   Very good.  Recommended.

Exercise.  Ditto.

Affirmations like – I will handle it.
All is well.
It is all happening perfectly


I am not usually so pre-emptive.  But I feel I need to take enough to keep me going for a couple of months, all those Roman ruins to see….
And I figure it is a kind of insurance for a solid month of kebab and baklava eating….


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  1. good choice on the healthy food.
    I also eat bee pollen, spirulina(careful with the dosage) also eat at least 5 cloves of garlic and 1cm ginger every day..and I never get sick for longer than an hour..garlic breath…no way it seeps outta my pores…yuk…no mosquito bites tho..and loads of water..

    • Oh no! I am sure they have chocolate turkish delight?? Or chocolate baklava? Thank goodness we are off to Switzerland afterwards and staying near a chocolate factory….(it’s true!)

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