Living in the NOW


So here I am three weeks and 3 days out from our big trip.  I spend hours a day in Turkey already….should we go to Troy?  Is there a train instead of an overnight bus?  Oh wow look at those ruins…we must go there (note in my book…)

When I look up there is washing to hang out, meals to make, children to talk to…and thanks goodness for that.
Are the kids interested in  how much a Gallipoli tour is? No!
Do they care whether or not we plan to visit this place or that? No!

They are masters of living in the present.
While I am already packing up a lot of stuff and thinking ahead they remind me to be here, today.  They are still totally enjoying being here.  For them our trip isn’t happening today, so it is out of sight and out of mind.
They have no interest in looking at maps with me, or reading up the history of the places we will go.
(I know this will happen when we are actually there.)

I have been returning from my morning walks realising I have been in Europe in my head the whole time….
So even though I am a great believer in visualisation and in dreaming up your future, I am well balanced by my kids who keep me grounded in the joy of daily life as well.
Hannah says there is no point in getting all excited now, she says it is too exhausting to sustain such excitement for so long.  And she is  so right.  I know how excited they will all be.
Charlie says he will pack the day before we go.

I am feeling pretty exhausted.  Too much emotional energy and excitement.

So I am off to ground myself, cook something, read a book to Charlie, go for a walk and smell the roses…..

Just think I will be walking by the Bospherus in 4 weeks….


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