No more unschooling….


No doubt you know how much I don’t like the label “”unschooling” or any label for that matter…I guess that labels can be handy at times  they act as a a marker for others, a flag a “shout out.”  This can be really helpful if you want to connect up with others quickly who may be on the same journey as yourselves.

I have always felt as an “unchooling” parent that one of my main roles is to take my children out into the world and to bring the world to my children.

There is a term that fits this too -“World schooling”  that really appeals to the traveller in me and even when at home I feel we are world schooling.

However there are many folks out there travelling with their children who use this term to describe the education their children are receiving.

And in 4 short weeks we are joining them!
We are embarking on a big adventure and I feel I can confidently say that I will be  “worldschooling” our kids!

We are off to Turkey for a month, Switzerland, then England for the northern summer!  (home via Paris and Bali in September…)

This has been a big dream of mine for a long time and with growing children (two of them now adult fares) I had a strong sense of carpe diem, this is the time, now or never…..

So we are off soon.
This accounts for my lack of blogging as I have been booking and researching online for weeks now and it has been all-consuming, not to mention totally exciting!
With the tickets booked, most friends told and my committments here handed over to lovely friends I  feel as though I can breathe out and really wallow in the pleasure of anticipation.
(For me this is  right up there with   languishing in a moonlit outdoor bath filled scented oils – with  a big dose of andrenalin thrown in!)

I really feel so excited I can’t believe the actual adventures of travel will be better than this anticipation, this  gear buying,idea collecting,trial packing,internet booking,map reading bubble I am living in.

I am so grateful and appreciative of Wayne who is supporting this trip, even though he will be staying here.  I am awed by his support of something that has so much potential stress for him.   Thank you!

So there may be some pre trip posts….and then plenty of during trip posts too….
I have a feeling I am going to just love “Worldschooling….”

Enough with the labels though, I will just stick to
” adventuring.”


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  1. See you soon then..Im sure you know some good places to visit in Turkei…hehe..I will email you my phone number..Main thing ENJOY

  2. GO Jane its so wonderful, you have inspired me to manifest a big European adventure/dream for Ava and I in the next couple of years before she gets to high school. You are an inspiration!!!!!!! Jane E XXXXXXXXX

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