wall of books















Charlie was playing marbles with just a few books as boundaries.  After the game ended he started to stack up the books, the announced he was making a Great Wall of China  with all the books.  So he stacked and stacked, and occasionally stopped to read out interesting facts from books…

“Mum did you know that in Sparta they made the girls run, throw and carry things to toughen them up for childbirth?”



Note the empty bookshelves behind him….




So far we have lived with the Great Wall blocking access through our lounge (have to climb over the sofa) for 24 hours….

Funny how visitors just accept it and they too leap over the sofa, being careful not to knock into it.

Bets on how long it will last….?



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  1. Yes, it was great to see Charlie build a wall and although not convenient at first it was great to see his excitement!

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