metalworking and kayaking


We went to a wonderful place last week   A huge secluded lake where Warren runs all sorts of activites for groups.
Our group had booked in to to use his forge  to make toasting forks.  It was very cool to see an old-time skill still being used and the kids given the chance to use tools to create something useful.  (Yes we toasted marshmellows afterwards to check they worked!)


Ollie working in the forge




The toasting forks were lovely, they coated them in a wax afterwards to seal them.



Because of a total fire ban the kids toasted marshmellows over the forge!


But wait there’s more.
Warren had Canadian Kayaks we could use and while the forge was being used (one at a time)the rest of us went out on the lake.  It was a stunning day.


Flynn, a young homeschool friend, wanted to tie his canoe  to mine and Charlies’s and travel like that.  So we did manage quite a big trip tied up together, Ollie took a canoe out alone and joined us for some of it.




As the kids finished making their forks they came and had a go out paddling.




Ollie and Tom powering into shore….



Warren also has barrels, crates, ropes and all sorts of things around to play with.   The kids stacked up crates and launched themselves off a tower of crates with a rope swing.

Next time we are making three legged stools with willow….






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