That dog gone day


Charlie really wants a dog.

He is a real animal lover and is very attracted to animals. Because his mother is a bit of a gypsy and likes to take off for adventures this has been put off.

Last week Charlie had the opportunity to dog sit for a  day.   We looked after a friends 4 yr old Fox Terrier and decided she was the perfect pet for Charlie….


Abbi got a lot of exercise that day…in fact so did Charlie until he realised that he didn’t have to go at her pace, a full sprint, all the time.

Abbi was so obedient and so loving!




One of them is faking sleep… although they were both knackered after a full day of playing.

It was a joy to see Charlie with an animal his size and I have no doubt that he will be a wonderful dog owner.
I have every intention of making this happen for him later in the year.  Looking at the rewards it will bring, not at the obstacles.





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