Early morning gratitude


We are blessed to live in a special place where two mountain ranges meet, a narrow gorge dividing them.  There is a great energy here and for  me I feel very connected to the natural world when I am lucky enough  to look upon them.

I try to walk each morning and in less that 2 minutes I can be down at an amazing place…IMG_4550

Our Domain has many special things about it, not the least being the views of the ranges and up the valley.


This gives me such a feeling of perspective and space, which I know is vital for me to feel happy. Here the foothills of  the Ruahine range are behind the wetlands, which create a haven for birdlife and bullrushes!

(Great tinder for fire starting kits….)


Last week I walked so early the sun had not yet risen, a very special time of day – the windmills always look  amazing, but especially at sunrise….


This row of huge gum trees is like a great welcome  as I arrive and feel special walking down such a grand avenue.


Here you can see where the Tararua and Ruahine ranges meet and the Manawatu Gorge divides them.  There are only 5 places in the world where a river starts on one side of a major mountain range ,but ends on the other.  This is one of those places!  Amazing!


The sun just peeps over the hill where the gorge water joins the Pohangina River to form the Manawatu River.


The first rays of light touch a tree by the rapidly retreating river.


Apart from playing fields, play ground, river,camping area and a cemmetry  there are also bush walks where you can enjoy the cool stillness of the bush.


There are many special trees, like these two grown together. Signs give information to walkers.


And this gorgeously quirky one, grown into a large “U” shape!


I love the feeling that large old trees lend to the play area and surrounds.

As I am filling my life with more and more gratitude I find that having so much awe-inspiring nature on my doorstep makes it an easy task!   Feeling grateful is a sure way to bring more goodness into your life and I am truly blessed to live in such a beautiful place, in such a beautiful country.

Thank you,
Thank you,
thank you!


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  1. Beautiful pictures; thanks for sharing. Some of them remind me of my old homeland, Aussie. My mother-in-law grew up on a dairy farm in Pahiatua and I have been meaning to come down for a look at the area sometime. This has re-inspired my enthusiasm. Are you a “local” to the area?

    • We have lived here nearly 8 years now, and before that I was born in the UK, grew up in Nelson and have travelled and lived in the lower North Island in between. No sure if 8 years constitutes a local, it is certainy the longest I have lived anywhere!!

  2. just to be nit picky….i dont think you call them windmills Jane (they dont mill anything) a turbine maybe…luving your blog tho….and i will post the schoggi this week…..i forgot…

  3. Wow! I see what you mean about Ashhurst, Jane…it’s beautiful around there! Plus there’s a huge natural learning community in the area…I’m sold! : )

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