NZ’s 2nd unschooling retreat


I have been moonlighting on the unschooling retreat blog and have finally posted it, so here is the link if you are interested…

It is always such an amazing time. As I said in it we are living comfortably in the fringe by homeschoooing  but by unschooling we are on the fringe of even that fringe!

I have had such fantastic feedback from everyone who attended I have felt on a real high and so grateful to those helped out and came to share such a fantastic experience.

The I loved the most was that all our three kids were so happy there.  All had different things to do, different people to hang out with and they all loved it so much and contributed so much to the event.



Hannah performing solo at the concert,



Charlie at the paint ball target range.

(Ollie unfortunately missed this as he was at a Tae Kwon Do training. In fact I don’t seem to have a singe photo of Ollie….Sorry!)


Hannah giving her all  in the tug of war.




And on guitar in a kids band that formed.


Hannah and little friend  Billie, walking the plank




With the other Troubadours, Hannah on mandolin leads the medieval parade!



Charlie manning his market stall which consisted of 5 raffles and a lucky dip!

I loved the Yoga, the beach swims, meeting new friends,and just being with a group of families who all have those similar experiences from our shared lifestyle.

It made me so grateful for our local homeschool group hearing stories of isolation in other parts of the country.

Community is soooooooo important and this was such a balm, such a complete retreat from everything else.

Now to plan next years…..


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  1. Thank you, Jane, for putting this lovely reminder together for us. I am really missing you all and the community we created.

    Counting down the days till the next retreat…
    ~Danielle : )

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