Season of abundance – pear picking


Today is the last day of summer – officially.  While we are enjoying a very long and extremely hot summer here in NZ, drought is evident at every turn.

Evenings however are closing in, nights are cooling off and although we burn and roast in the sun during the day it is  lovely, albeit tinged with sadness, that an extra layer is  needed at night.

Of course Autumn brings the abundance of harvest!



We planted these apple trees only three years ago and this year they have tons of apples!  This seems like the best sort of magic to me, pure alchemy.  I think as we planted them and have nurtured them (hugs, chats, Reiki…)it seems even more special to have such gorgeous fruit on them.

Next to them we have an old, old pear tree that has continuously produced a bountiful harvest each year.



Charlie is the number one picker as he is  still, just small enough to climb up and pick where the rest of us cannot reach.


He is a hard worker and happily clambers up the tree, scratching and scraping himself while filling a bag!




Charlie manages to get right up the tree even though it isn’t a huge one.



Even after we have picked three large boxes there is still heaps left to pick. That is tomorrow’s job and the next days….

I just love the abundance of Autumn – a true reminder of the miraculous way the natural world works. And how there is enough for us all, if we only manage the natural resources that have  so generously been entrusted into our care.






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  1. Gorgeous harvest, I just came back now from picking some pears to eat. May I ask what you do with yours? Do you preserve, jam. dry them? Am looking for some healthy ideas, I don’t really want to do jams as we don’t like all that sugar.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I have to say that I just stew them up and usually freeze them. But this year I will just be stewing them up eating and giving them away as our freezer is full!

      • Yum, stewed apples, now you’re talking 😉 Thanks Jane, I never think of freezing them, so may try that if I can find room in our freezer.

      • I did also have a recipe for pear and date relish. I make alot of relish it is so easy. I think it had ginger in it too… But stewing and freezing is the easiest! Plus I love to give away lots.

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