Unschooling Retreat coming up….


Last year we ran a wonderful retreat which we labelled
“NZ’s first Unschooling Retreat.”

It was so great we didn’t want it to end.
And I vowed I wouldn’t run one again…


Yet here we are less than a week away from NZ’s 2nd Unschooling Retreat!  Check it out here….


We have a different venue, near a beach this time, not a river.
It was such a valuable time together last year.  Many new families from all over the place came along and are coming back this year too.  There were many families with  under 5 year olds already investigating options for their child/ren.

We learned that being unschoolers many people did not want to be talked at by “experts”.  That the event was more of an un-conference.  A chance for families to gather informally. There was much sharing of information, ideas, many questions asked and answered, stories shared.

We found the  things that worked best were fun, whole family activities and then a talking circle (one men’s and one women’s).

This year we are having a pancake breakfast, market place, fancy dress dinner, games, the two circles, a concert, board games evening, flag making, juggling, paddle boards/kite surfers, paint ball target shooting gallery.



Here I am painting a sign to put out on the road by the camp.

So, with just 5 days to go, we have sprung int action and are getting prepared!

Hannah has been wroking for many weeks taking the registrations, sorting out payments, queries, emails.  She is so excited, super organised and has many plans about setting things up.  After last year’s event I joked that we could go into business organising events (us two!)  No joke….


She has printed out spreadsheets of who is coming, which days etc.  Such an efficient secretary!  Thanks Hannah.



Charlie is sorting out and wrapping up toys for his market stall which will be raffles and lucky dips.



I am painting signs, writing lists, thinking about food (occupational hazard I know), adding to the blog as I think of things….

I know, again, it will be a wonderful experience.  Living together with other natural learners for a few days (5) is so refreshing and inspiring.

So watch this space for past retreat photos….

And if you are interested , there is plenty of camping space  and still time to register.  🙂



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  1. How did the retreat go? I am envious of you unschoolers, I am improving but am still not there. This year I unintentionally received a run of unschooling information, blogs, etc. I have a feeling it may be a sign. So much of it makes sense that I wonder why I do what I do.

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