RIP Cinnamon


We had a death in the family last week.
One of Hannah’s guinea pigs.

Nearly 6 years ago we got three little sisters as pets.  Very quickly they became Hannah’s and she has been the most conscientious pet owner there ever was.

Never have I had to ask her if she has fed/moved/cleaned  them. Whenever we went away, she would organise their care elsewhere.

A couple of years ago Matilda passed away, from a bad dose of the ‘flu.
Now Cinnamon has joined her sister, buried in our garden.
This just leaves Petal.
Hannah is paying her a lot of attention, brings her inside, cuddles her lots.
The whole pet experience has been fantastic for Hannah. And so wonderful to watch as a parent.




                                                 Hannah and Petal today

The “guinea girls” joining our family also symbolises the start of our homeschooling journey as we got them when we first started – six years ago.

They were the first big thing we did.
I used to worry so much as some days it seemed all we did was play with the baby guinea pigs!  Nothing else!  Nothing worthwhile!
My,  I have learnt so much since then….

The other thing I realise is that Charlie is the age that Hannah was then –  9 years old.  Charlie is very keen to have a pet and I have been reminding my self that he still has plenty of his childhood left to enjoy.  Plenty of time left to do many “childish” things.
And plenty of childhood left be a responsible pet owner.
With two kids well into adolescence I need to make an effort to ensure Charlie does not get ripped off,  having to grow up too soon because he is the youngest.

He is very keen to get a dog, or a cat.  And I know how fantastic he will be caring for an animal.

I love the flow of  our life, the passions of the kids and my role in supporting them to make them happen.  
Who ever knows what is around the corner…?


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