Ollie’s latest passion


Ollie’s passions have been so easy and so interesting to follow.
From the Army at age 4yrs, which still endures, he has expanded and diverted, taken side roads and unexpected detours.
Survival, the outdoors, tramping, fires, knots, firearms, weaponry, first aid, Civil Defence, any surival skill imaginable and now… prepping!

There is a TV series called Doomsday Preppers that has him fascinated as he has found a whole online world of  “Preppers”.
This is still survival.

Just survival on a large scale, in the event of a large scale disaster – solar flare, economic collapse, environmental disaster, an EMP (electrical magnetic pulse), earthquake, flood, global warming, pandemic.  Believe me I have heard about them all and Ollie is getting prepared for the lot.

(Being a Scout he really does live the motto of  “Be Prepared”)

So now he spends every spare cent on food.  Tinned food, rice, toilet paper.  His room is turning into a mini mart.  He tells me incredible stories of extreme preppers who manage to store (hide) their stashes in he most unimaginable places.


Somehow he has managed to get me to buy several items a week with our shopping, which make their way on to my list.  As he points out it is fair enough as he is really prepping for our whole family.


Rice is stored in plastic bottles and dated

He is already requesting supermarket vouchers for next Christmas!

He may be mad, but whatever he does he does with a passion, well researched, well thought out and well executed.

IMG_4483Chocolate bars, pasta, peanut butter (one of the best survival foods)

Luckily for him there is a whole online world of preppers (even raps made up).  He can hob nob with fellow preppers, then come and patiently explain to us why we need Avain flu masks and lots of them.

Many of these online doomsday preppers, being Amercian, have guns.  This has opened up some interesting discussion about firearms in general and about attitiudes of people in an emergency.  There seems to be an unhealthy competitiveness about stored supplies that goes against the idea that we should help our fellow human.  Interesting for Ollie to listen to these ideas and then talk to me (we are all one, love is  all there is, do unto others etc….)
Good questions to be grappling with at any age me thinks!

So while I continue to de-clutter and dream about our famiy living out  of a small back pack each, Ollie is planning to feed us all for 6 months of disaster induced isolation.  I totally support him and learn so much about his passions while he shares what he is doing.
It is an amazing file of knowledge he has stored away and I know he will be the best person to be around in the case of a disaster.

I just wonder though, what will come first….our world trip or  doomsday??


Ollie in one of his dust masks – good for after an earthquake.


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