Huckleberry Friends


There is this great line in the song Moon River that I just love to sing, about your ‘Huckleberry Friend’.  I imagine this to mean friends who are up for adventure and love to share adventures with you.

I am lucky to have many such friends in my life.  And it is the adventuring attitude that attracts me to them.  I love to be with those who say YES!  Those whose energy boosts your own.  Those people who “fill you up”- that is you feel energised after speaking to them.

This weekend we just had the loveliest camping trip to a new beach, where a council owned free campsite is right on the beach.  This is at Porangahau beach, aka Te Paerahi beach.
Nearby you will also find the longest place name in the world!  (I love this sort of touristy stuff!!)


Here are Ollie and I posing by the only thing here…. a sign!

Porangahau’s best kept secret  is the home to the famous “Longest Place Name” in the World “Taumata¬whakatangihanga¬koauau¬o¬tamatea¬turi-pukakapiki¬maunga¬horo¬nuku¬pokai¬whenua¬kitanatahu“, which translates roughly as The summit where Tamatea, the man with the big knees, the climber of mountains, the land-swallower who travelled about, played his nose flute to his loved one.


The beach was fantastic! Huge, fierce waves that provided great boogie boarding. Clear, warm water.


The beach was long and extremely walkable,  invitingly so….



There were rocks to explore….


Charlie and Henry had a base made pretty quickly in nearby pine tree



We had seven children  with us.  One day they worked for hours and hours digging two deep holes and building a connecting tunnel.  The bridge over the top was stong enough for an adult to jump on. Very cool piece of engineering.

It was so full of beauty.
And so full of fun being there with friends.  We played Bananagrams endlessly – even when the sun set and the full moon rose.
And of course there were Ukuleles! (and a guitar)


I certainly got alot of great energy from my early morning walks along the beach and pounding in the surf while swimming.
I also got alot of energy from being with  fun loving, ‘yes’ friends.
My huckleberry friends.
I am so grateful to have you in my life.



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  1. It was a great weekend Jane.. I am very lucky to have Huckleberry friends too!..friends that inspire, create and embrace wholesome living and positive life styles. Friends that you can relax with and have fun! XX

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