summer holidays


Just so you know I am having a lovely summer holiday.
It is just that it involves much sunshine, swimming and fresh fruit but not so much computers, internet  or sitting down inside…

Sunday we had a classic family day at the beach, which is a rare experience.  It is not often it is just us five, no extras, all kids present and correct.  (Excepting our older two…)



It was hot and sunny.
We all swam together, boogie boarded on the wild waves, walked for miles along the beach.

We ate ice cream and cherries, had a sandy picnic with avocado and brie and built barricades  against the incoming tide to protect our castle.

When the surf lifesaving guys packed up at five o’clock we got out the cricket gear and played and played.








We stayed on until the sun was low in the sky.

It was a really special day and one that reminded me of the joy of having family time together.  The importance of upholding our family culture.

As the older children get more and more independent it is so easy to be away from each other.  This showed me how easy it was to be together as a family and the value in that.

Trying to meet everyone’s needs can seem like a burden at times, but when we were out in the sea, waiting to catch a wave, Hannah told me how happy she was and how much fun she was having.
That just made my day.



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