Seasons greetings


‘Tis the season….and this means holidays!
We are off to where there is no internet, no electricity, just golden beaches and blue seas.  So – no blogging…but think of the photos when we get back!

There are many things I could ruminate on about Christmas -the festival, the way it has manifested in our lives, what it means to us, the much debated commercial aspect….
But, it is Christmas Eve now.  The tree is sitting surrounded in gifts.   We are debating whether to go for a river swim, or have a walk to see the Christmas lights, a game of tennis or maybe  an ice cream…

Some of us may be awake to go to a midnight carol service later.   Stockings will be hung in anticipation tonight, the kids sleeping in the lounge guarding the morning’s booty.  Pancakes have been ordered for a late breakfast, varying delicacies prepared for during the day.

The usual philosophising has gone on; about  the commercialisation of Christmas, changing family traditions,  having a large full family shin-dig or missing the whole celebration altogether and “going bush”…..

The only change this Christmas is that after years of threatening our families have received a “Gift for Life” for a third world country, a goat instead of vouchers.

So Happy Christmas,, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays .
Let’s hope 2013 is full of  many blessings for us all and our planet.




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  1. Oh well done. We gave this to a very rich man one Eid and I have no idea quite how it was received. I’m sure it was good for his karma. But we’ve not been brave enough to gift one to ourself in lieu of gifts. Not so good for ours. Well done again!

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