100 posts….43 years….


No it hasn’t taken me that long to write 100 posts!
But what a serendipitous day to reach such a milestone…my birthday!!

So a double celebration.

First the blogging.
Thank you to all those who support me and read, comment on and pass on my blog. It is a strange way to write not knowing who your audience is (although I know many of you).  But for the first time I really have to just write from the heart – I know my kids, my Grandmother, total strangers, old friends, homeschoolers & school goers all read this.

I really enjoy writing it and just know it is the the right thing (or should I say write thing) for me to be doing.

So thanks
And if you know any editors looking for a witty, reliable,  slightly flippant, sometimes sarcastic columnist please pass on my contact….  🙂

My birthday.  Yep.
Plans have changed this week and that means a quiet day, home based.  This is treat in itself after our busy year.
I feel thoroughly spoiled by lovely messages, texts, cards & pressies from friends and family.
I think birthdays are very special and the kids have really picked this idea up and have run with it, much to my satisfaction!
They do a great line in waiting on me, making gorgeous, heartfelt cards and presents & doing all domestic tasks for the day (actually we try to wring at least 3 days out of one birthday – the eve, the actual day and the birthday boxing day!!)
I have watched my favourite  Jane Austen movie while in the bath, had brekkie in bed, been out for dinner &  been gardening.
I usually try to be doing something extraordinary to celebrate…..



For me it has to be in the great outdoors, connecting with nature somehow.  The week long beach camp up North didn’t happen, the weekend away on the coast hasn’t, even the sunset at the beach is too much tonight (45 min drive) so I think it is me and the kids out at our local domain, rugs, chocolate, glow in the dark poi and some serious star gazing.  There is supposed to be the end of an asteroid shower visible even!

Charlie just told  me he is so proud of me reaching 100 posts.
I guess I am too, although writing this is as easy and enjoyable as eating a king size bar of dark chocolate….




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  1. Happy Birthday Jane face! You look fabulous and we LOVE your blog. The boys are sooo inspired by Ollie’s survival skills and watch his youtube vids often. Congrats on 100 posts – you write so well, and I take heart and encouragement from your words. LETs do a tramp together in 2013. Samson is really keen to get into the Tararuas. xxR

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