Ollie’s car survival kit


Ollie just made a car survival kit.  He was so inspired and is so knowledgeable.  It was all made with things he has already – his room is like an out doors store.

He has done a video on it for his you tube channel too but I thought I would just share an example of what he does here for those who haven’t yet been over to see Flintstriker 48….

Contained in an old bullet box,
( which I remember he got for his 5th birthday), he packed the following….



Hi-visibility vest
Muesli bars x 3
Small backpack
Glow sticks x 4
Craft knife
Bungy cord
Parachute chord
First aid kit – incl water purifying tablets, tape
Pad, tin foil in a plastic bag
Survival card tool
Duct tape
Fire lighting kit – matches, inner tube, solid fuel tablet, cotton wool
Emergency poncho
Toilet paper
Two large rubbish bags – for water collection, shelter, emergency rain jacket etc…





Ollie is very into being prepared for any emergency.
He has discovered a whole world of “preppers” – those who stockpile supplies in case of a big disaster.  He even spends his own money on basic and long lasting grocery items then invents creative ways to store them, mostly in his bedroom.

I just love learning things from my kids.   Seeing them so totally passionate about something,  so engaged and learning so much is extremely rewarding.  Hearing Ollie talk with so much conviction and so much knowledge fills me with wonder and pride.  Not for anything that I have done, but for just being a part of his life and being able to support him.  Plus I get to learn about something I would never research on my own…..
And of course in the event of an emergency he is going to be the best person to be around!


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  1. I do believe we can take credit for giving him that bullet box….always new it would last the test of time and also any emergency. (It’s bullet proof!!)

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