Respectful eating – food at our place


I know I am really nosy about other peoples lives (natural journalistic instincts I call it).  So I am assuming there are plenty of folk who like to  hear about aspects of our lives too…..So here is a bit about our diet.

I am a vegetarian, and the kids are too. Wayne eats vegetarian at home.  I turned vegetarian at 7yrs old when I found out that meat came from animals, then ate only potato, peas and carrots with the occasional hunk of cheese for three years.  It was more of  a habit but still one based on a spiritual belief,  It was hard  to keep up through my teens, but as an adult it has become a conscious choice,  a choice, based on what is best for me and now for my children.  When I met Wayne his then 9 year daughter Kim became a vegetarian within 4 months of us meeting!

I have been vegan for ten years, well what I call vegan plus cake!   Currently I am eating  raw and loving that as I feel so energised.

We drink rice and soy milk, but the kids eat cheese and yogurt….weird,  I know!

I usually cook a range of things, put it out and  let them serve their own.  I don’t go on about ‘eat your greens’,  ‘have some more of this’  etc.  I respect them to know how their bodies are feeling and what they need.
Charlie is the first to say he isn’t hungry and therefore not going to eat at the moment thanks!  What innate wisdom.

We are pretty healthy eaters and the kids eat fruit all day, so I don’t stress about what they eat.
I have learned that stress  around food can make you sicker than not eating well.   I have also learned to eat when you are hungry, eat when you are calm, happy, relaxed.   I love to prepare food and do it with love.
If  I need a break from cooking I buy bread and tinned food and make it easy for myself/the kids. And enjoy the change.

So we have lots of good food, and a variety.  When I toast up sunflower seeds and mix with organic raisins the kids love it and will scoff a bowl each.   I love seeing the kids piling avocado, lemon juice and pepper onto homemade organic toast for breakfast,  I can give Hannah anything if it is covered in cheese…!  When Charlies helps make hummus he makes up a big platter of raw veges with the fresh hummus for us all.

I never waste food, it is something I just can’t do.  So now and then I make up individual meals based on leftovers & things lurking in the fridge and serve everyone up something they love, but that is also using up bits and pieces.   I get a lot of satisfaction from that.
I know habits change,  tastes change and fads pass.  I used to have to blend up anything with onions in for Hannah, that is a distant memory now…   When she is eating something I could possibly worry about, I just tell myself this will pass too  (and it does as she is a a fad eater – eats the same thing for months at a time).
I find preparing food and eating is a great time to educate them on what is good for them and why we eat what we do.

I definitely fought hard against junk/processed food for a long time.  I used to hate seeing my kids at parties and being exposed to things they never had at home.  But I have relaxed a lot over the years, although I don’t buy them junk food – occasional chippies on  holiday or an ice cream.

They can eat other substances (that pass for food) when away or out and I am glad for them to  come home and break out the fruit and veges.  They even crave healthy food too if  they have been away and not eating as much – yes this is true,  I remember one of them saying they just wanted to eat a bowl of broccoli  after a trip away!!

They totally love homemade healthy alternatives to junk food.
The boys have never had a soft drink, or been into the big fast food places.
Saying that I would not stop them and totally expect them to try everything the world has to offer as they grow up.   I feel they have had a good grounding in healthy eating and have seen the benefits  of it.
They haven’t ever been to a doctor.

They have never gotten into buying junk food with their own money, I guess they all love the money they have and want to use it to buy the things they really want.  Plus there is always an abundance of good food at home.

I must admit on the rare occasions I have seen one of them spend money on food I really feel proud and excited for them.
Very empowering.

I love seeing them eating piles of food that you know is good for them.
I am always grateful for the abundance of gorgeous food we have.


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  1. I like your poster on your kitchen wall about acid and alkaline foods, not sure if I could manage to commit it memory though. I agree with all your philosophies on food, except I add a bit of respectfully raised home grown meat and the odd pheasant that gets into my vege garden into diet,..oh and dairy products from milk from cows I know personally. It’d be good to discuss the idea of relationships to and connections between food and people.

  2. Do you mean “Raw with cake”…Ive lost 30 kg eating raw and I wasnt that big when we meet in 08/09….. We can even get raw chocolate here.

    • That is fantastic Kerry! Not that you needed to lose weight though….I am impressed you managing to eat raw in the winter, I want warm food when it is cold, so we shall see what happens next winter….
      I just feel so good, so energised I think it would be hard to go back. Hardly ever eat cake now, just the yummy raw stuff I make with heaps of raw cacao in…

      • I dont follow any rules when food is concerned….if I feel like Hot Pumpkin or Büdner Gersten soup I make…I have nearly reached the weight I was when we travelled together in ’87/88 hey and btw, i have booked tickets for son and me next year to Roger Waters The Wall it will be 25 years after we saw them at Wembley…remember? Weird ole times..

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