What holidays?



As Christmas looms so do our long summer holidays.  Schools finish in 2 weeks, other extra curricula activities are winding up.  Six weeks stretch out before us….

I am so looking forward to having no commitments.
Nothing that HAS to be done.
Weeks of endless time.

The wonderful summer holidays.

Yet  there has been a  list entitled 2013 clipped to the cupboard for some weeks now and it is filling up fast, and so yesterday I bought a calender, so all the dates can be transferred over.

The dates start in January!!  Then three weekends in February are booked.

The absolute joy of Natural Learning (I am trying to wean myself of the term “unschooling”) is of course that life is one big holiday, one big passion fueled adventure…
I love supporting the kids in what ever they are chasing.

In January Hannah is organising a Medieval camp for some of the younger homeschooled kids we know.
It is a strictly NO ADULTS (and no toddlers…) affair – except that I will be there to supervise river swimming and be the token adult.  I am imagining 3 days of peace and quiet, books to read, a river to swim in….

Hannah is super organised and very motivated to be doing such a thing.  The mostly 10 year olds are children she knows really well and all look up to her.

Then the boys all have a Tae Kwon Do camp. this is a three day intensive.

And we have a couple of birthdays.
Plus hopefully warm, river swimming, hammock lazing and book reading weather.
Friends are muttering about lots of local camping trips, a canoe trip, tramping….

The teller in the bank today was asking about homeschooling – a common query when you have a school aged child with you during the day.  She really, really wanted to to know if and when we stopped homechooling for the summer holidays. She seemed determined to understand how they could learn to write and do maths.

So I gave her the potted version, the-one-minute-this-is-unschooling.  I did have a growing queue behind me, who could no doubt hear every word….

One of the easiest ways to explain to others what our lives look like is to say they are like the summer holidays, just all the time (with slight temperature changes).

Looking at our January, already filling up with dates, yes I guess our life is one big summer holiday.
As I said to her the kids don’t stop asking questions or stop learning just because of the date.

And thanks goodness for that.
I can answer questions and queries very well from the hammock too….


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