Caravan adventure


Last weekend Charlie had a big adventure.  He stayed away  by himself for the first time.
Lured by the prospect of staying in Henry’s new caravan….and  he ended up staying two nights.

Not only that but the two boys did their own cooking, dishes and entertained themselves in the caravan hardly venturing out or into the house!

It was planned like a TV show – you know “your challenge is to survive three days alone in the caravan…”  Henry’s mum did ask if they would be OK eating baked beans for three days, but when they are doing their own dishes, I think yes…!
The absolute dedication to the task at hand, the excitement, the planning, the independence, the total buzz.  They were honestly like two older flatmates, discussing meals and chores.

When I went to drag him away, I was thinking about school camps.  The local school has been away this week, which affects us in a small town.
We have two great camps a year with our homeschool group, so do not in any way feel the kids are missing out on  such experiences.

This mini camp the two boys spontaneously planned and  executed was so much more.
They spent an entire morning playing poker.
They were excited about doing dishes and cleaning up because it was their space.
They happily popped out to feed the animals when required.
They requested the food they needed that they felt they could easily cook.
They took themselves off to bed after happily brushing their teeth.  (!!)

For them it was such a fantastic game.  It is a lovely age, being that time when they like to mirror what is happening in the adult world around them.  Playing house (or caravan) with real food, really sleeping, no adults must be the perfect game.

I am so glad to have such good, like-minded friends up the road who can help to nurture and raise our kids with us.

(Sorry no photos either…next time!)


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