DIY attitude – Combat Waonga


I may have mentioned that the boys are thoroughly enjoying Tae Kwon Do.  They go  once or twice a week and Ollie especially is very taken with it.
He often talks about trying other martial arts and hopes to add some more when he is more accomplished in this one.

Lately he has been talking about developing his own one.  One morning last week he said he was up until 2.30am just buzzing with ideas (oh I know that feeling!).
He has since developed a 6 week training schedule with Charlie, trained for several hours, mostly on the lounge floor on a big mattress, they have spent time coming up with a name using Google translate, and are now researching getting  tee-shirts printed with their name, logo and motto etc.

Combat Waonga is the name.  They talked about finding a Latin name – I blame years of Harry Potter.  Then quickly decided to use Maori, which was lovely. Waonga means defence or protection.

So far there seems to be a lot of work in relieving an attacker of his knife!

Yesterday some focus pads, boxing gloves, larger kicking pads arrived that we had found on Trademe.  The boys were very excited and then  spent  hours using them to train.  Ollie is such a natural leader he explained his ideas to Charlie then would patiently  take him him through the steps encouraging him.

They only stopped because I had asked friends over and the kids all went swimming.

To me this is learning.
This is how it should be,the buzzing ,the excitement, the absolute joy of something so creative you can’t turn you brain off.  I love seeing the kids like this and I guess that the creative energy they are generating is what every teacher is striving to create in their pupils – except of course no one can ever  make someone else passionate.
True learning has to be totally intrinsic.  It is not when you do something to please someone else, or to  get a sticker or just because you have to so you can go out to play.

I am so grateful to be allowing our children to learn naturally.  It totally works!


Photos coming……


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