Birthday celebrations – part two


But wait there is more!

The morning after the party was …The Birthday Tramp!

Even though it was raining Ollie, Finn and I set out  for Sunrise Hut.

After getting lost…. twice…. it was still raining when we arrived (about a one and a half hour drive).  It can be a bit disheartening setting off in the rain , but we all had good boots, packs and jackets and a keen sense of adventure!

The weather meant we wouldn’t get the spectacular views (Ollie and I have been twice before in beautiful conditions) but we also wouldn’t get the crowds.

A brief break in the clouds afforded us a glimpse of the lower plains bathed in the glow of the distant sunset …


Sure enough there were only two other women there.  I enjoyed  playing cards with them and that easy rapport that instantly develops when you are together in a hut on the side of a mountain.


The boys totally engrossed, by lantern light

Finn was very glad to be there.  Ollie was very glad to have so much time alone with Finn, they talked survival non-stop and were amazing to listen to.  They are developing a new series of videos for you tube  called Boys vs Wild and planning all sorts of fantastic ideas.

Ollie also has his own you tube channel –

Listening to Ollie’s older videos is quite surreal with his high  voice…..Anyway, back to us, high in the Ruahine ranges…and Sunday morning we awoke to SNOW!  I am afraid I didn’t go out and capture amazing photos, just what I could take from  the shelter of the deck!

Finn revels in the huge snowflakes swirling around him…those are the white streaks you can see!


It was wild and wonderful and pretty dramatic being up in the mountains for such a show.  Luckily we were right on the edge of the bushline so when we left we just dropped down and still had snow and then hail but in the safety of the bush.  We even had a bit of sunshine – enough to take a photo….


I so love living here and being able to take off so easily (apart from getting lost) to have amazing adventures.  These  are what make up my life and that of my children.
I learnt many years ago to Seize the Day and to make the most of every day and I hope that is something they will remember.


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