Birthday celebrations – part one


Ollie just turned 12.   Suddenly he seems taller, his already broken voice deeper, I can see his man face emerging through his little boy face.
We certainly celebrated in style.

On his actual birthday we had a big party.
There were 13 kids who came.  They lit the outdoor fire and chimera and had dinner sitting around the fire…

They were all keen to use Ollie’s throwing knives so he had them all lined up outside by a big tree and spent ages having turns….

Although they played eat-the-chocolate, the main focus of the evening was to cook desserts on the fire….

We had two games going – when you throw a 6 on a dice you put on a jacket, hat, gloves and attempt to cut one square of chocolate with and knife and fork, until the next 6 is thrown! A favourite and raucous game!

They cooked bananas with chocolate wrapped in tin foil and toasted damper wrapped around toasting forks. Damper is just flour, baking powder and water mixed to a dough and I added sugar and cinnamon. They also rolled them in sugar and cinnamon.

Much appreciated damper

Ollie made a chocolate pudding that he cooked on the Dutch oven in the embers and was declared delicious.

Never have I bought so much sweet, processed food!    By the time it was getting dark they were thankfully too  full to eat too many marshmellows and s’mores.  (An American delicacy of a cooked marshmellow sandwiched between two chocolate covered biscuits!)

As it got dark there was much beautiful and loud singing! Many of them were cubs or Scouts so they knew a decent lot of campfire songs!

Ollie and his icake….

Ollie received the latest ipod touch for his birthday.
So when his friend Tilly and I were icing the cake and about to write “Survival” on it, he suggested we ice ” icake” which seemed very funny and fitting!

It was such a gorgeous party.  The biggest Ollie has ever had.  We have always had a walk somewhere with just one friend, something quiet was what he has always wanted.

It was so wonderful seeing Ollie with this big crowd of his peers who really respect him and look up to him.  One visitor said it was the best party because  of what we did – no movie and pizzas!  It was spontaneous and all outside by the fire, just has he wanted.

The arrival of Gran and his best mate and cousin Finn in the middle of the party was just the icing on the cake – no pun intended!

Happy Birthday Ollie!  Thanks for an amazing 12 years.


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