US film being made about Natural learning

Today’s Daily Groove…..
Check out the film being made, we should definitely make a NZ one….
THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

::: EXTRA: “Class Dismissed” :::

Dear Daily Groovers

Sometimes I write The Daily Groove about how children LEARN, but I never talk about SCHOOL.

That’s not a coincidence.

More and more parents are waking up to the fact thatour schools are broken, and they are exploring alternative school models (Montessori, Waldorf, Sudbury, Summerhill, etc.) as well as homeschooling and unschooling.

My family has chosen an unschooling path — our “school” is life itself — and we love it! But there isn’t “one right way” to educate. Truth is, many kids enjoy going to school and do well, especially if they have parents and teachers who are more trusting and less controllingthan schools traditionally expect them to be.

The problem with most schools is that they’re “addicted” to controlling what, when, and how children learn, which interferes with children’s natural learning processes. And the system won’t change until a critical mass of parents choose educational paths that demonstrate how kids thrive the most in trusting, supportive, non-controlling environments. That’s why I encourage parents to choose an alternative path if they can. (And if they can’t, I coach them on how to “detoxify” the traditional school experience as much as possible.)

But choosing the road less traveled can be scary.Parents want some assurance that it works. That’s why I’m doing everything I can to support the making ofClass Dismissed, a documentary about what happens when families leave the traditional schooling path.

Class Dismissed is focused on homeschooling, but it also showcases some of the ways homeschooling families work together to create extraordinary learning communities. And some of these co-creations look like what schools would be if they were to let go of control, support children’s natural curiosity, and honor the vital role of the parent-child relationship. I’m thrilled at the thought of school teachers and principals seeing the film and having their minds opened to new possibilities!

The film’s director, Jeremy Stuart, interviewed me for the film when he was here in Portland last year, and he welcomed me into his home when I was in San Francisco this summer. I knew from the preview clips of the documentary that Jeremy is a talented filmmaker, but spending a couple of days with him and his delightful family revealed that he’s living the possibilities, not just documenting them.

I believe Jeremy’s work is going to have an impact thatwill benefit all of our children and future generations of learners. He and his production team are devoted to their vision and working for little or no pay. They deserve our support…

It would be a terrible tragedy if this project were to stall due to lack of funding!

Fortunately, you can make a difference by supporting the film’s Kickstarter fundraising campaign -AND- you can get some pretty cool perks when you pledge your support — like copies of the DVD when it comes out, your name in the film credits, and more!

Allow Images to see this picture of me being interviewed.

Click HERE to watch a video clip that includes a few seconds of my interview. (That’s me in the playground!)


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