Reporting time


It is school report time in our house, that is Wayne, not me!

He is up to his ears in test results and computer programmes to record them all.
He has worked much of the weekend on them, expletives drifting up from behind the computer…… Next weekend will be the same.  High stress.

It inspired me to work on the kids’ folders.  I keep clearfiles with photos, comments, theatre programmes, tickets & brochures.  The kids LOVE looking through them, although admittedly I have been neglecting them since I have been blogging.
It is really special that they have their own record of what they have been doing.  Often it inspires them to get something out to play with or try an old game.  It has also been a great reminder of the wonderful life we have and of the many varied and interesting things we do.

That sort of thing….

I also wondered what our children’s  reports would look like…?

Happiness                               A+

Self Love                                 A+

Passion                                    A+

Freedom                                 A+

Self expression                     A+

Confidence                            A+


Imagine the National Standards with these subjects!
Now there is a change I would be happy to be a part of.


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  1. I so remember report writing and what a nightmare it was! I’m with you Jane and I love the scrap books, what fantastic memories they will have of their school days.

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