TED talk about trust, abundance and unschooling


I just watched this TED talk by Jerry Michalski.  He is pretty cynical about the school system (albeit the American one) but also has many good reminders about why unschooling/natural learning is the one true path!


I think the picture of Huckleberry Finn really captures the essence of unschooling for me!  Time to sit under a tree and think – not something that is encouraged elsewhere in our society.

He raises some good points – our fear of chaos for example.
He reminds us unschoolers of our assumption that children are born to learn, born good, born with curiosity.
That a child has to want to learn something or else you are wasting your time.
He emphasises that true learning can occur any where, anytime and with or from anyone in the world.  That you can learn from any object, any person or any question….

He suggests we ask kids “What system would you build if we trusted you?”


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