Pet Power

Pet Power

When we first started homeschooling 5 years ago we got three baby guinea pigs. They were so cute and so tiny and very soon became Hannah’s pets.  She has done a sterling job  looking after them, a more conscientious pet owner would be hard to find.  We  have two of them left, great fat things that still get well loved.

I have resisted  getting any other pets because of my love to travel and head off on adventures, often to places where dogs are not allowed.  I totally understand the value of children having pets to look after, I know the boys would love a dog, Charlie would love a cat or anything, he adores animals.

Five years ago I clearly remember worrying that the kids weren’t doing anything much, just hanging our with the new guinea pigs for hours on end.  It was right at the beginning of our journey into natural education and I hadn’t then let go of the need to prove that you had learnt something or have  produced something concrete.

Yesterday this all came back to me and  I realised how far I had come along the unschooling spectrum.  We were lamb sitting and brought “Sheepish” down to our place to play for the day.  Charlie was very keen to get up early , come and feed the animals and then be in charge of the lamb for the day.  He walked her down the road, played with her for hours, sat and hung out on the lawn in the sun, moved  her, fed her, talked to her and about her  incessantly.


Lunchtime giggles

All I could think was how wonderful.
What an amazing day he is having.
I was so grateful that he had this chance to be a pet carer. (Our attempt at getting lambs this spring was thwarted when the two lambs sadly died the night before we were due to get them.)


It was such a delight to watch him and listen to him  knowing  how happy he was and what a fulfilling day he was having.
Isn’t it great when you can measure  a change in yourself?  I was amazed to remember what I had once thought and so pleased  for my kids  to now have a more understanding parent, who “gets” natural learning and can get into the flow of the day.
I love the adventure of our lifestyle.  You never quite know what each day will bring.
I just know to be open to whatever arrives  and enjoy all that life has to offer us.

Thanks for the opportunity to lamb-sit, such an honour to be trusted with loved pets.


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