Structured Unschooling


When the boys started Cubs and Scouts I must admit I did look at the handbook of badges and think what a great load of activities.  The perfect unschoolers curriculum!

And it is.  Ollie especially is very motivated to do things for a badge.  Even things he wouldn’t normally do.  His latest badge he has decided to work on  is his craft badge.  So today he made cards with using potato prints.

He has knotted his own woggle and is planning to dye a shirt as well.

Ollie and a friend ( who is also  homeschooled, does Scouts and lives very close) spent the afternoon throwing ropes and going through ideas for their Chief Scout badges.
Charlie has mixed up some crystal growing mixtures as part of his Science badge for Cubs.

The blue crystal mixture

They do cooking, art work, make posters.
I realise they are doing activities solely to gain badges, external motivation perhaps?  But then they are willingly choosing to  pursue them alone and if they ever choose not to that is fine too.

In the meantime Scouts is providing a great base for their learning  – a total unschooling curriculum!


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