Garage sale


I have been in a process of de-cluttering for a couple of years now.  It is such a great feeling of lightness to get rid of “things”.  I am learning to also de -clutter and simplify other areas of my life too.  For example my thoughts, my goals.

On Saturday we had a garage sale.  This is a great Kiwi tradition and a good way to get rid of all the things you have accumulated.  They usually start early on Saturday mornings so I was very grateful to have Charlie (entrepreneur ) and my Mum (very experienced buyer of second hand goods) helping me!

6am we were up and 6.15 the first people were arriving!!

All set up and ready for business!

Charlie was fantastic, he was completely in his element and even got offered a job in a book shop!  He was such a natural.
We stayed and  traded with a  a steady flow of customers until noon, when the first drops of rain arrived, perfect timing!

The master trader with his own table of goods behind him. And a handful of cash!

Plenty more de-cluttering still on the list……


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