I had a dream…


Three years ago while at the wonderful Wellington Folk Festival (see recent blog)  I sat and listened to amazing music and was inspired and determined to form  a girls folk band where we sang beautiful harmonies.

Last night I stood on a stage, singing with wonderful friends in our great folk band and remembered this while I watched the windmills turning on the hills.  Wow!!!  What a great feeling when you realise you have manifested your dreams!

It is amazing to feel like a rock (well, folk) star for wee while….!

We had a family fun night at our local Domain.  This is the most amazing place, large fields, bush walks, camping area, river, playground….

Gallimaufry – which means a hodge- podge, a mix, this is us!

The community minded folk who organised this event had 4 local bands playing, free sausage sizzle, games for the kids and adults, including these cool “Chariots”….

Charlie  getting a ride in a chariot race!

They even roped us adults into a race!

Wayne was in heaven, living his dream, playing in “Feral” one of the bands he plays bass in.

Then we had fireworks!

There was more of our gorgeous community spirit.
It was like a big picnic with all our friends.

Hannah danced and danced, mostly with Elena, some very smooth moves.

It is lovely to dance outside to live music.


In between the main bands three lots of children  got to perform on stage.  Very cool.  Charlie performed last, in the dark with the lights on and did a sterling job, belting out a couple of his favourite tunes to the crowd.  He had been practising with a microphone for a couple of days beforehand.





I am so grateful to live in such a wonderful place with so many amazing people !


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